'Riddled' is a short animated film that will premiere in August 2020.  The plot revolves around a young woman, Efa, who is diagnosed with an embarrassing STI- Snakes.  Struggling with her diagnosis, she is invited on a date with the handsome Richard Fandango.  Efa must now make a choice; attempt to hide her embarrassing condition or to confront reality.

The film aims to address the issue of STI stigma, particularly in chronic cases.  Statistically, 80 per cent of sexually active adults have been exposed to HPV, and 60 per cent of the population carry HSV-1 or HSV-2 (both are strains of the herpes virus, with HSV-1 generally causing cold-sores and HSV-2 generally causing genital herpes, but both strains can infect either region.)  As these incurable conditions can not be tested for, and are asymptomatic, how prevalent these conditions are goes unnoticed- those with symptoms often struggle with suicidal thoughts, and the idea they are 'damaged goods'.