Mouse House

scarecrow character design.png

As a part of my MA in character animation, we were asked to pitch a two minute film idea to the English national opera using music from one of their Productions of the 2020 season.  I decided to use the Toreador song from their production of Carmen, and planned to do a charcoal animation using photoshop to add splashes of colour. 

The film would be set in the Seville Bullring in the 1970s Spain under Franco, as was the ENO production.  A Bullfighter would be seen boasting before a crowd of fans and tourists.  Unimpressed by his bravado, a young woman would enter the ring and challenge the Torero's machismo.  The two Engage in a dance/powerplay, fleeting between a couples passionate flamenco and a bullfight, with the man playing the part of the bull and the woman acting as Torero.  The performance was meant to be a comment on the relationship between Carmen and the men in the opera, and their constant battle for dominance.